Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to me today I turn 3 : Dr. Seuss Party Part 1

My son Parker's birthday was coming up (and when I say coming up I mean 6 months away lol) and I began to think about a theme for him. I chose Dr. Seuss because this was going to be the last year mommy could pick as he was becoming a big boy with big opinions. I adore Dr. Seuss always have Parker was actually thing 2 for Halloween and my whole family dressed up as "thing _________"(whatever Parker called them, I was thing mommy and so on) so I knew this theme could be awesome. With a lot of pinterest and research my creative juices were flowing. I am just going to throw you right into the party because overboard is an understatement here. I probably am going to have to break this party down into at least two parts maybe more because the party was so detailed and big. Here is Part 1 Lets go inside shall we?
The front door: I made Parker's wreath out of a pool noodle that I duct taped together. It saved me 7$ from the foam wreaths and I found it at Dollar tree for $1 I wrapped it in yarn and decorated it. added a pic of him and a quote and walla. I found this cute door seuss characters at the parent teacher store so they had to be mine. Then I just made a billion flag buntings for his party and this one got hung here. balloons of course to add to it. And Welcome to seussville.
Parker: Today you are you! That is truer then true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!
Next lets walk right into the Favor table because it actually was the next table you would see when entering the house. I decided I wanted to do favors that were a. like Dr. Seuss books and characters and b. have some different stuff. I set  up the favor table as "Seuss Mart" the kids could then go get one of each favor and fill up their "Seuss Mart" bag with goodies.
Ok this is where the huge details and multiple blogs will probably have to kick in. I know we just started. I will post several pics in this Part 1 and then have an actual blog with all of Seuss Mart pics.
I pretty much made everything for his party that I physically could. This back drop is made out of paper plates glue onto one big foam board I got the idea here. The top is wrapping paper draped down with labels, signs, pictures, and buntings added for decor.
"Why fit in when you were Born to stand out" - Dr. Seuss
Here are a FEW of the party favors. Again I will post another blog Here with the entire party favors and Seuss Mart.
The Jar that is holding these silly straws actually says "sip sip hooray its Parker's big day"
I got these free printables for the straws here i loved the idea and it went so well with this theme
I got this cute idea on pinterest from this website.
I saw this cute idea on pinterest too from this site. I found the mustache mold on amazon for like 2 bucks. It was a simple treat and yummy made out of yellow candy melts :)
there were so many more favors but this is all I am taking up on this blog. The last pic of Seuss mart is a pic of the favor bag and every favor the kiddos got.
each child got a toothbrush, a lorax chocolate mustache, a silly straw, a bag of gold fishes, a striped lolly pop, a thing of green tic tacks labeled Grinch pills , a gummy fish skewer, and a chocolate turtle for yurtle the turtle.
another cute pinterest idea was the birthday book. I actually had already ordered Parker this book off amazon and was giving it to him as a birthday present but then I saw that this lady on her blog (cant find the blog now to reference the book sorry lady) had people from the party sign the book for the birthday boy! I loved it!
Ok on to the next decor. I am going to skip to the Photo booth which was out back on my patio. I will have an entire blog with ALL the photo booth pics here because there were so many but for now here is the back photo booth set up. The Photo booth is literally two rolls of Striped wrapping paper taped up on my back porch with a photo booth bunting I made and tissue paper flowers hanging from the top which I also made.
a few of the pictures in the photo booth. Now on to the fun props that were used!
Beside the photbooth was a big dresser we actually lucked out and found the day before for $20 at a yard sale!! here is the Photo booth prop sign for folks to understand what this cute little dresser filled with goodies is all about!
Seuss buntings everywhere to add to the theme a chalk board for the booth to say whatever you want even your favorite Seuss quote and Lorax mustaches I mean really we love Lorax! You can find the template for them here
The last three photo booth props are cat and the hat hats which I found at Michale's during Dr seuss' birthday week and glued them to dowels big money found at the dollar store and then of course my favorite Parker faces!! These were big pictures I got printed off at staples a whole page of them for 5$ (called an engineer print, here is the blog on how to do that) I made little party hats for his head out of cute paper added the "happy birthday to me today I turn 3" label. I just glued these to dowels. I loved them!!
Parker Faces LOVE THEM!!!
here is the pull back of the photo booth props and the activity table which brings me to the next part of the party. The Activity table. we can just jump right into that.
Here is the activity table. It included a bubble refill station. balloon pong which the kids could color their paddles. and a fish bowl of water guns. beside the table were water balloons.
The large picture of Parker is the same kind i did and talked about at my step sons birthday Party its an engineer print from staples it was 5$ its four foot by three foot! this pic was one I took of Parker at my brothers wedding. I love these pics. they add so much to the party!
Activities are fun pick one!
Balloon pong.. saw this on pinterest too... remember when you and your brother or sister or cousin or friend or whoever used to hit a balloon back and forth and whoever made it hit the ground died?? here is balloon pong!  this is paper plates glued to sticks I chose to do plane plates so the kids could color them. They use these as paddles and pass a air filled balloon back and forth. Fun right!
another brilliant pinterest idea from this site. So i got cheap walmart cups a cute jug labeled it bubble refill station filled it literally with all the bubbles I could find in my house  then I collected all the bubble wands I could find put them in a cute bowl and walla bubbles!
Ok to be totally honest with you the kids did not TOUCH this table lol.. the reason why?? oh a little thing called a GIANT water slide... so on to the next section of the yard (don't worry we will get back inside to the food and cake)

"the big Kahuna"
This slide was a hit and sooo much fun!! Parker actually picked it out and I love how the colors and two red fish matched his theme!
we had a section of baby pools which I will have pics of below. In front of the baby pools was the lorax and his truffula trees. I know its spelled wrong on the sign :( I  was in a hurry as usual and am not a speller. sorry.Anyway I will have a tutorial up later on how to make the truffula trees they were crazy cheap and easy (messy but worth it) I like these better then any other ideas Ive seen out there. The wonderful little Lorax was drawn by my awesome sister onto card board so he was free :)
I saw this idea here
I will have more pics of this section on the tutorial on how to make the trees.
"Jungle of Nool swimming pools" We actually had a large baby pool that was supposed to be set up here too but we had issues and when we rushed that a.m to take it back they were sold out being Memorial day weekend and all.. so two baby pools is all we had for the littles.
Compliments of my sister again for the wonderful Horton drawing again drawn onto card board so therefore free...Love free.
Isn't Horton so cute :)
next over to the "who ville car wash" Thanks to my lovely husband who built this for the kiddos. I actually had him build this several weeks before the party because it was just soo cool. here is the tutorial on how you can make your own... its all diy and sooo cool!! best sprinkler ever! we added a road to ours to make it cuter and more fun. More pics of this on the tutorial.
So we have a trampoline. The kids love it. decided I would incorporate the trampoline into our world of Seuss. SOOO Dr. Seuss has a book called "great day for up" i covered the trampoline in balloons. I really love the turn out.
Love my Seuss buntings too.. they just added so much to the decor I think!!
Ok now onto the last section outside... this is one of my favorite pieces of decor that I thought the kids would LOVE but they didn't barely pay it any attention either.. that darn water slide....
Have a gander at "Parker's who fort"
we had some issues with the door staying on.. don't mind my sister in the background getting it all decorated up. My dad built this for Parker out of foam I ADORE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean does it get more Seuss than this?
Our poor door.. I wish this was made of wood and could be a permanent playhouse for the kids.... hmmmm idea... project gramps ??? Moving on.
here is my DIY lorax pinata... I absolutely loved this little addition to the party and it was pretty easy (messy messy) to make, here is the tutorial on how to make this on your own.
Now back inside... I told you there was alot.
love Dr. Seuss quotes.
soooo I used alot of old soup and food cans (of course I cleaned them out after we used them) covered them in paper and stuck them to things to make levels and stands. Wrapped the silverware in fun napkins i found on sale back at Christmas and walla a cute table of things you must have at every party with food!
Onto the main table. The Food and Cake!
The striped awnings if you will over the windows are that cool wrapping paper again. Tissue paper flowers and more buntings!
Prepare yourself this is about to get overwhelming.. and there is no way I could do all of the food even on several blogs.. so on Part 1 I will highlight some of the food and add some more photos in Part 2
The Cake :) Parker loves balloons LOVES them, and I found a couple cakes on pinterest I loved and so I kind of combined them and made my own. I love how it turned out.. the 3 is a balloon did you get that?
 Parker's Cupcakes. Parker always says P is for Parker... he says it everytime he sees a P and so I saw someone do this for the ABC's of Dr Seuss :)

lots and lots of snacks and food. And it was fun thinking of rhymes and way to incorporate foods with Seuss books.
& of course we had green eggs and ham
& hop on pop chicken
remember the sneetches?? Yummy Star belly cake pops!!!
ok I was soo upset with how these turned out I had a huge vision for them, BUT we could not find the right cotton candy and it was so hot the second I put the cotton candy hair on the icing it starting to melt down. So anyway these would be soo cute for a winter party and with carnival cotton candy which we could not find!
o, you know another food table..... Ok Im stopping soon with the food... I mean really.
Now lets blow out the candles!
we opened presents as one of the first things becuase we got Parker and the kids a puppy :) My camera actually decided to have an error and quit working that morning so I had to use one my mom had it was a good camera but I am used to  my other. So anyway! I hope you enjoyed checking out this party. I know we really enjoyed having it and I know I know I went overboard but anything for my babies! Check back for Part 2 for more pictures and details.
Happy Birthday Parker!!


  1. ok, i just accidentally found this blog by googling bunting trampoline because I am looking for ideas on how to make my daughters trampoline a lily pad for her frog birthday & I want to decorate it.... I can NOT GET OVER THIS PARTY. it's fabulous. I could just go on allll day about it. how awesome are you?! I do have a question- actually 2-

    1- where did you get the cardboard for the elephant? I made a tiny town out of 13 refrigerator boxes a few years ago & collected them from lowes- I was thinking it would be easier to just buy the cardboard next time & I want to make a giant frog

    2- how did you get all the food set up along with the decor the day of the party? Do you have lots of help? I start setting up 2 hours before the parties I have (with help) & I always feel like I am scrambling around. & I never have as much food as you did.

    again, this party was fantastic :)

  2. aww your so sweet! i am so glad you liked it.
    to answer your first question i just went to local stores like dollar general and asked for empty boxes, i needed a ton for several projects for this party and other things and so i didnt wanna spedn the money. I got them for free and just cute them and used them according to the different sizes i got.
    to answer your second question i go crazy for parties so i literally will decorate my house in the party theme weeks in advanced anythign I have and can set up before hand i do as far in advance as i think i need so i have to do as little as possible the day of. One thing you cant do until day of is alot of the food and the outside decor so we will wake up at the crack of dawn to get it all set up that day. I have awesome family who comes to help so i always have a mini crew working to get it done. we also stay up late the night before prepping as much food as possible. I make my own cakes and i freeze them about a week in advanced. I hope this helps and you find diy things and ideas to do on my blog. i am so behind on posts but i have one huge party we did in june as well i will post as soon as i can it was a vintage tea party. Thanks so much for your kind words and checking this out!