Saturday, June 2, 2012

DIY HUGE picture!

Ok So you saw on the Harry Potter Birthday I did the HUGE picture of my step son.
and now with my sons Dr. Seuss Party another HUGE picture and some big pics like 8x10 on a whole page made into photbooth props.

and everyone keeps asking how in the world did you do that. This was 5$ and I'm not kidding...
the tutorial on how to do this is here
The only thing I will add is she mentions you can get these at any office store. YOU CANNOT. I have tried. STAPLES is where you will need to go. If you are local then I suggest going to Murfreesboro over Smyrna. The machine in Murfreesboro is slightly bigger and you can get the print bigger. Another detail I will add you cannot spray paint the foam (some of you may be saying DUH but I learned from experience this didn't work)
Also she said she duct taped hooks onto the back to hang it I had no issue with this method at Devin's party but at Parker's I did and they were the same size. I ended up having to saturate each section of ribbon I was using as "a hook" with hot glue and let it completely dry. On both of these I was not using them for home decor (altho I may now) so I just did it quickly and not to perfection. I am sure there are lots of other methods of making a hook for the back.
Hope you enjoy.. I have one more to make for Kaitlyn's party and then I will do 4 brand new ones to hang in my home once our new baby is here and I have updated pics of all the kids.
I was amazed by this and glad to share!

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