Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kid car wash sprinkler DIY

I saw this idea on pinterest here and fell in love. I decided I wanted to do it for my sons third birthday party and we did. However I had my husband get it up and running weeks before the party for our kiddos to play in becuase it was just too cool!!
The DIY kiddy car wash!
this is our version of the car wash at Parker Party
and more pics of it in action before the party and at the party.
 I mean really what is the point of a car wash with a clean car??!!
Hope you enjoy our version of the car wash. The kids seriously love this thing. Ours ended up costing us about 40$ it says on the site its only about 30$
what I did different:
  • spray painted it (my hubbys idea!!)
  • used plastic table cloths cut into sections as the end colorful "thingys" what are those called anyway
  • I got cheap sponges and different ones ALL from different dollar stores . I read alot of people spent their money on the sponges mine were $1 a peice no more.
  • Added a road! I mean come on how much cuter. We did this two ways. 1st way we tried with the black garden fabric it worked great kept the kids feet from hurting on the mulch or grass and kept them from being too hot... BUT it sank the wetter it got the more mushy (we did have it on mulch so that may not happen on grass) 2nd way and what we stuck with was black plastic from lowes. This isnt cheap but we used it for 3 other projects so 9$ broken down into 3 projects with extra left over is not bad! for the stripes we used yellow duct tape.
  • we added flags to ours.
  • we did not use the stop and go arm , no point when running through!

and there you have it!! if you missed the link at the top on how to make this you can find it here
ENJOY!! my kids are!


  1. oh i have been wanting to do this for the summer reading program in our town- at the end of the program there is a giant water party :) how fun!
    I tried to follow your blog but can't find where to click- I just love it!

    1. Misty at the beginning of the blog there is a link it says "here" you just click on that and it takes you to the site with instructions.
      here is the link

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