Friday, March 30, 2012

OH Baby!

Well if you haven't heard by now we are having another baby. This came to us as quite a HUGE shock but we are coming around to the whole excitement part of getting to parent a new bundle of joy! I have not gotten to go to the doctor yet, which is beyond frustrating BC I had been probably three times already when pregnant with Parker. I am now seeing how much of an insurance snob I was! to go to the dr anytime I ever wanted or needed was such a mental relief. I am currently almost 8 weeks (Monday will be 8) and I have yet to see a Dr and I have known  I was pregnant since week 4!! The wait is horrible and so is getting around with no nausea meds! But I must say I am very Thankful for how blessed I am by God to only have nausea and not my ever feared throwing up!

I decided to post about the new baby because something amazing has been happening quite literally under my nose without me giving it to much thought.  I have always heard urban legends I guess you could say about babies sensing ghosts, dogs sensing ghosts or pregnancy's, dangers and what not. Well one day sitting on the porch swing with Parker I was listening to his heart then he would listen to mine. I was 5 and a half weeks pregnant at the time and I told him to listen to the babies heart beat. He said "yeah I hear babies heart" I thought it was cute and didn't give it much thought.  A few days later we were playing and doing the same thing and I had him listen to the babies heart. He put his little cheek against my belly pressing his ear to my stomach and he said "no baby heart no working" I moved him around and a little lower on my tummy and he listened again looked up at me and said "yeah there it is baby heart working". At that moment I thought can he really hear the baby? Or is this just some cute little game he is playing. I hadn't really put too much more thought into it again.

As we told the kids we were expecting a new baby of course we took their votes on what they wanted the baby to be. Of course Devin replies "BOY!" Kaitlyn begs girl and Parker says "brother". Every time we reference the baby ,Parker would make sure we knew he wanted a boy. my 7 and a half week of being pregnancy roles around. I begin to read all about what my new little creation is doing inside me and the changes its tiny little body is making, one change is the boy or girl part of baby is being formed this week and although still too small to be seen on an ultra sound little baby is a boy or girl by this week. EVERYONE in my family is hoping for a girl so lots of them are already calling her by name "Ella" but I cant sense what it is.. I never had that with Parker either.

Laying on the swing Parker is playing and he listens to my belly I say "Parker is baby a brother or a sister?" and he says "sister" I said "do you want a brother or sister?" and he says "brother" and I say "but the baby is a sister?" and he says "yes".Why all of a sudden was this baby a girl even though he wanted it to be a boy ?I was intrigued by him and the fact that I just read that the baby was determined boy or girl this week... could he really know? did she some how talk to him and let him know who she was?? crazy right??!! but is it really that crazy? he was just in there a few short years ago and keep in mind we are firm believers that he is a FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY made creation. So we know without doubt he was from heaven so I am thinking does he still have some of that heavenly sense to him? He  is still so little and innocent ( i cant believe i am saying Parker is innocent lol... cause that boy is buck wild, but you know what i am saying) he is still new too can he feel her and sense this new little baby?

Today I am almost at 8 weeks This little charade with Parker and baby girl had happened earlier in the week. Yesterday I had a terrible migraine and today i woke up feeling a little off, just not pregnant. I have been under probably the most stress i have ever been under in my entire life and today the devil got to me and had me worried that the baby was not alive in me anymore. I had no symptoms to back up this little lie that devil has slipped in my mind, no bleeding, no cramping, but i just didn't feel so pregnant today.  As I lay on the swing not telling this to anyone other then my mom in text message (cause lets face it i tell her everything) I have Parker lay his head on my tummy. I ask him does he hear the baby and he listens for a minute and says "yes I hear baby , baby in there" I got relief .... why ? like he was an ultra sound?? or a dr? like he had the final say but i just got some relief and thought the baby is ok. 

I know all of this sounds so crazy, I still have yet to go to the Dr. so I don't have a miraculous scientific explanation to YET add to this story but my heart is at rest cause i really believe that  I will have some very amazing things to add , confirmation if you will of what my sweet Parker has already told me. Today I wanted to share this because as I now notice such a beautiful thing going on inside me and within my little boy I have joy because I think he knows baby is ok, I think he knows the baby and is creating this relationship with "her". I am so anxious, to now pay close attention to what he says and does with my belly and to see if baby is really an "Ella" .
I have decided to keep note of this through my pregnancy to see if this is real. I know how amazing God is and how real his power is  why is it impossible to think that my little Parker doesn't have some of heaven still left in him to hear this new life in me?

Until the next neat story, this to me has brought me joy and made me believe in something I just cant explain.


  1. Of course I already knew this from you the other day but reading it on here has brought tears to my eyes. I believe in miracles and the unordinary..........I know that God is the God of the impossible and there is no doubt in my mind that sweet Parker knows! The closest thing to heaven is a child and I think this is a perfect example of that very thing. Gods word tells us that we must all become like little children..........which to me says to believe in the impossible and to take Gods miracles and embrace them and not question them. I beleive that God uses children in so many wonderful ways, in ways he can never use adults because the world has taken the magic and mystery of God's wonderful presence and made it seem unbelievable. It's easier for us to believe the lies than the beautiful truth that children just take and run with.

    We are so blessed to have Parker and his sweet spirit in our family!

    It is not a small thing when someone fresh from heaven loves you. I am thankful!


    1. :) MOM! You are really the best mom there is! I dont tell you near enough how thankful I am for you and for all you do. I am at peace today with all that is going on and I felt really good I know this is satan at work in my life and today on the way home I realized he is trying to take an answered prayer God has given to me from your prayers and mine about me feeling sick and convince me its a trajedy. I dont know why I got caught up in thinking that the devil is right and this couldnt just be an answered prayer. I kno i am feeling better bc God is answering our prayers and the enemey is tryin to trick me. I thank you for teaching me so much and showing me how to fight him. I love you more then i ever tell you and I am so thankful for you.

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  3. Ok, now I really am crying! You are so sweet and I am so thankful for you as well. You continue to blow me away everyday with your strength and your faith!

    I know there are times when our faith is tested and we even doubt sometimes, but those times are quickly washed away as we remind the enemy just how powerless he really is and we have victory in the Lord! It's a daily process and one that becomes part of who we are in Christ. We are blessed and I am so thankful!

    You are such an amazing person and mother and your children are so blessed to have you! I am proud to be your mother and my joy to call you my friend!

    I love you muchly!