Saturday, March 10, 2012

DIY Harry Potter Sorting hat

For my Step sons birthday Party we did Harry Potter. I wanted a sorting hat to complete the Hogwarts look but I did not wanna spend any amount of money on it.
I had seen other blogs where they took a witch hat that they had  bought at a  local party store and covered it in paper bags modge podge and used binder clips to form the eyes and mouth. I was being SUPER cheap and didn't even wanna spend the money on a witches hat so I decided to make my own.
This project seriously cost me  the price of a poster board.
 I took a full sized poster board and made a cone shape and hot glued it in place,  then I cut a circle out of cardboard (an old box I had laying around)  and took my handy dandy glue gun and glued the cone to the round cardboard box i had cut to make the shape of a hat.
 I had planned on putting a baby monitor in my sort hat to sort the kids at the party so I needed a hole in mine, so i cut a hole in the circle to make it hollow like a hat (i did not worry about this being big enough to fit a head just enough for a baby monitor)
 The next step was covering it in paper bags. I did try the binder clips on the cone shaped poster board to form the eyes and mouth. It did not work at all with poster board since it is so stiff so I thought i would just form it as I went when adding the paper bag.
 I had started collecting paper bags from the grocery stores as I shopped over the weeks so I wouldn't have to spend any money on it or buy the small lunch bags. You can do this either way. I just wanted to save all the money I could on this party so bags = free poster board = 1.00 sorting hat total =1.00
I started to cover the hat shape with brown paper bags, I covered the entire thing tearing some pieces as I went to make it very layered and old looking. I then tried so many different ways to shape the eyes and mouth with NO LUCK! Finally I just ripped up some bag and covered it in modge podge with my hands i just started bunching up the eyes and mouth and forming it to look how I thought the sorting hat looked.  (THIS TOOK SOME EFFORT AND TIME AND VERY MESSY MESSY HANDS!)
However once i stuck it out and let it dry enough to stick I started really loving the results.
then i just modge podged the entire thing.  WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM YOUR DONE.
let it dry and set it wherever! I had considered adding some burlap strips and brown paint to give it an older look and more detail but I was so nervous i would mess it up so i just left it as is.
Add your own flare and detail to your sorting hat and please send pics of any you do Id love to see how they turn out!
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