Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A monster 1st Birthday

My son was turning one and I had to make a big deal. He was born HUGE and stayed that way he is wild and so his life theme became monsters!! His first birthday party was themed monsters. My favorite Disney move is Monsters Inc. So I used a lot of inspiration from those cute little monsters on there. This party idea was before all the little monsters ideas came out so I had no luck in finding party decor that was monster related and since his bday is in the summer Halloween was long gone for me to stock up on anything I could of found monster. NOW everywhere i turn there is little monsters stuff around!!!!!!!!!!!! I think for his fourth birthday we will re-do the monster theme since the monsters inc 2 movie comes out this november!!!!

We have a sign business owner in the family so we had a big banner made for the party and signs all along the road leading the way to the birthday boys party! (sadly we did not get pics of the road signs :( but the banner we did manage to get)
This was my very first REAL party to do decorate and be creative in. I have learned SOOO much since then and this whole party was out of my head before there was a pinterest (or before I knew about it) this was also before I got big into my photography (actually I wasnt even doing it at all or considering it at this point) so this party does not have pics that do it justice sadly and with no pinterest help I am was very pleased with this shindig turn out!

We had fun making all the different monster cupcakes and my sister draws so wonderfully I had her draw a monster on the smash cake. ( we later found out now that my son has a preference to what he watches that the monster we were drawing is the monster from a show called "yo gabba gabba" which my son has a obession with funny how things work out.)

Time to open gifts & I just had to share this one picture! My sister hand drew these Monster's Inc canvas' for Parkers Room!

The food was not so much monster directed we had chicken wraps and yummy food, but the deserts we did try to make "monsterfied". One of the fun things we got creative with was the "sully" rice crispy treats... food coloring and mixing and we got blue and purple spotted rice crispy treats.

I decorated a cupcake tower and filled it up with monster cupcakes. Then I had a pic of Parker in a monster hat from winter (it actually happened to be his winter hat and a cute pic so it worked out perfectly) and i blew it up cut it out and put it as his "cake topper"
I then added monster decor around the tables.
The treat cups i gave antennas with pipe cleaner and filled them candy to make them have a monster effect.

we found this super cute little baby pool at target it was actually considered to be a blue crab but he looked like a little monster to me so I just had to have him for the birthday boy.

we had balloons galore because my Monster loves them!

This party was just the tip of the iceberg as far as my party obsession goes, my first one and it was a blast!! Now he is turning three in a few months and we have had some fun parties along with my step son and step daughter ... Those parties are coming soon!!

Hope you enjoyed our little monster party!

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