Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DIY Harry Potter Wands

This is my first blog and it will be short and sweet!

DIY Harry Potter wands:
My step son is turning 9 and we are doing a Harry Potter birthday party for him. I found these amazing Harry Potter wands on Pinterest and had to try them out myself. The instructions are found from this lady on youtube , you can watch her instructions on just how to create these cool wands!
These wands were soo easy to make ( messy, and time consuming, but soo cool and fun!) I made 20 so it took me quite a while as each wand has a lot of drying to do each step. I wanted to add my own twist to them so the Pictures you see are the actual wands that I made. However you can have a blast creating you own after watching the video! I hope you enjoy, I have made soo much stuff Harry Potter for his Party so defiantly check back for more fun potter ideas!

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