Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lets go on Safar... Devin turns 10

Well another year has passed and we have had another big birthday bash!! When I sat the kids down and said OK its party planning time what themes do you want Devin was up first! He said something with animals so we did a safari! Devin is my step son in case you didn't know and so we decided to combine parties with his mom and her family to make it extra special this year! It was a HUGE success and we had a huge turn out! Lets jump right in shall we?
I am all about cheap, crafty, DIY , and trash to treasures! so I took a trip with little money to Michael's,  and Joann's and found this lot of goodies for little $$ in fact most of this was in the dollar section and it was 40% off... yeah God coordinates with Michael's for me when I have parties.. it never fails their dollar bins have my theme... can you believe they had Nat Geo animal stuff!! (cupcake liners.. yes I know!) My mom spotted the zebra burlap at Joann's and I was off to a great start!
Welcome to the safari... of course we start with the front door :)
So this is the most last minute, easiest wreath ever, your not going to believe me but its literally just coffee filters wrapped around a hay wreath then a bunting i had left over from his cake bunting and a card that was in the pack of cards I bought at Michael's in the dollar section. I had not planned on even doing a wreath but had the stuff laying around so I put it together in literally five minutes.
I have this pallet on my porch and as the seasons change I add buntings and decor to give some life to the porch so I just clothes pinned the cards (out of the stack from Michael's dollar bin ) to twine.
One thing Veronica and I (Devin's mom) had trouble with from the get go was finding a location... Since Devin is a March baby the weather does not always cooperate, hot or cold?? We just couldn't bank on either... So we needed in doors after searching and searching and searching.... we finally had to land at our house BC everyone else had the same idea as we did for march parties. With us combining parties we were looking at anywhere from 50-80 people.. um I have a 1500 square foot house y'all.. how will this work... So I took out my couches and coffee table and big chair and put them on the porch and set up three tables just like this for the kiddos.

I wanted something that cost me little money but was safari themed as a center piece.. I have collected coke bottles and have them on shelves in my kitchen for some time so i thought i want buntings , cause I LOVE THEM so I wrapped canvas around them, twine ropes and made little buntings.. it actually cost me no money although it took some time it was very simple.

and the adults come to our little section over here for their tableware. I LOVE my old ladder, I change this out with decor as the seasons change as well :) it works great for party decor.
now on to the main table.....
the bunting.. one of my favorite things and a must at every party!! It was literally pics i found online, printed them off attached them to twine and a coffee filter with a clothes pin and then cut up that PERRRTY zebra burlap we found at Joann's! WALLA!
enough with the bunting, lets talk about the goodies on the table... remember those fun little cupcake liners! well here they are! Cute little cupcakes or "snake cakes" as I named them... 
 Jungle juice aka lemonade
aren't you just loving all these cute little labels?? I found them for free at pottery barn!! here is the link if you wanna throw a safari party of your own they have a whole kit!!
duct tape and water bottles equals winning.
Safari cake, with a new baby around I didn't want to do a bunch of fondant and time consuming hard cake, so I started searching pinterest and found one similar to this and just knew it was perfect! I added crushed vanilla wafers instead of peanuts like the other cake and I added a little green twine hay stuff (not sure what its called but its at Joann's for two bucks!!)
safari party favors! Bubbles I found online for super cheap and peeled the labels off and wrapped card stock and twine around them, snakes , tattoos, stickers, and safari coins!
stored the favors in this super cute bird cage of my moms! Its march so the Easter stuff is everywhere so I bought a bag of 35cent Easter grass :)
set up a little station of safari bug tattoos for the kiddos with my baby wipes (we have a four month old so I had bought these for around the house to put on the coffee table some time ago and thought hey that would be perfect for the kids to put tattoos on with so I don't have to mess with water or cold rags!! ) wrapped in canvas twine and duct tape :)
Jungle Face Painting!!
Kaitlyn and Parker! (Parker refused to smile after he got his face painted like a tiger.. he was in character!)
is Bradyn not just adorable??!
and the main event!! we had the zoo bring out and animal and the birthday boy picked a hyacinth macaw. Her name is Glory and she was a blast to watch and learn about!
all the kids were a little intimidated by her!
She was a hoot :)
I hope you enjoyed our Safari party I know the Birthday boy did!
Happy 10th Birthday Devin!!

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