Thursday, February 14, 2013

A bridal shower... lets catch up here!

Its been forever since I have posted! Rightly  so as I have only had ONE MILLION things going on.
I am going back several months to projects and parties that I did over 2012 that didn't get posted BC life was the craziest its ever been, EVER! I am going to start off with one of the smaller of get togethers and that is my sisters bridal shower. It was a very small , sweet and simple get together .
First meet the bride and groom (now the happily married couple) Mr. and Mrs. Matt Ford

They are just too sweet for words... so lets move on to celebrate the bride at her bash :)
it was super simple to set up and I spent hardly anything at all.. the paper chains hanging down on either side is wrapping paper from the dollar store cut into strips with coffee filters made into flowers randomly hanging on the chains. the sign was a piece of barn wood I had lying around and I wrote on it with chalk , which can easily be wiped off and erased! I then just printed off their engagement pics (done by yours truly) and hung then on twine, printed a few things off the computer and put it on my awesome barn wood table!!
found these printables on a template on pinterest and found these cute cupcake liners at Michale's for $1
I made the cake and it was super simple, just cake on the frosting get a small paint brush and start making swirls :)
there you have it! a simple but sweet and effective bridal shower set up!
I am posting below a couple pictures of her wedding cake that I made
and there it is my two cents on my sisters new found marriage :) hope you enjoyed!

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